Takes 2 To Q Wet Demonstration at Wilton ParkFest 2016


Takes 2 to Q demonstration area at Gavin Park for the 2016 ParkFest prior to the rain and arrivals of our teams.

I would like to thank all that participated or even wanted to participate in our demonstration at Wilton’s Parkfest this year.
Thank you Anne Hartranft again for supporting us with insurance rider that Wilton required.  Thank  you Takes 2 to Q Club members and our Club Chairperson Jean Guyon for your support.  Thanks Urszula Janicki for transporting the club trailer to and from Gavin Park.    Thanks to Laurie Kurtzman and Julie Mihalcik for working with me to set up the ring.  Thanks Julie for designing the course, Thanks Joan Pivorun for moving the demonstration along and getting it started when the rain gave us break.

    I would like to thank all the handlers and their dogs that gave some great examples of agility to those that came over to watch in some very wet conditions:
Tom Gooding
Joan Pivorun
John OHanlon
Jeanette OHanlon
Abby Robichaud
Laurie Kurtzman
Julie Mihalcik
Sherry Pederquist
Sarah Fish

    Everybody engaged the spectators and shared their joy of agility.  Everybody made sure we moved it along changing jump heights as needed.  Hopefully we had some success in getting somebody new, to give agility a try with their dog.

    A very special thank you to the folks that  jumped in to break down the ring and store the equipment back in the trailer. Sometimes, just pitching in and working before and after the demos is almost as much fun as running our dogs.  I did say almost.

    Hopefully next year at this demonstration event we will have better weather and there is not a trial happening close by.



One thought on “Takes 2 To Q Wet Demonstration at Wilton ParkFest 2016

  1. Thanks for organizing the demo, Tom. It was fun. At least we didn’t have the excessive heat on Saturday that we had earlier in the week.

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