Takes 2 to Q – Thank You and Congratulations on a Successful November 2013 CPE Trial

On behalf of the members of Takes 2 to Q and all of our participants, I’d like to thank our judge Lisa Lucas for the enjoyable and challenging courses, her always positive attitude toward the newcomers and the more experienced of us and, most of all, her great sense of humor.  (I’m thinking Lisa may seriously consider naming her next dog Schnitzel, for reasons that will go unexplained.)  We had a blast and, hopefully, everyone came off their courses having identified at least one great accomplishment.
To all of our members and participants, thanks so much for your cooperation and assistance in moving things along.  The trial was full and you volunteered, as needed, whenever a hole was identified, so we were able to finish both days at a reasonable hour.  To the scorekeepers, who quickly rolled out the scores after each class completed, you were all great!  Our fantastic course builders were building the next course before anyone even had a chance to announce that the prior class had completed.  Thanks also go to our exceptional Hospitality, Ribbon, Tarp, Volunteer Coordinator and Raffle Committee members who all performed their jobs to perfection.  Finally, and possibly most importantly, for all her hard work over the past several months, thanks to our wonderful Trial Secretary, Julie Mihalcik.
Congratulations to the deserving winners of the Judge’s Merit Awards, Jim Brown, his baseball cap, and an unnamed (to protect the guilty) yorkie on Saturday and Brianne Tisbert and Willow on Sunday.  Similar kudos to winners of the double-digit aged dogs and their owners – Joan Healey and Ginger for their Standard run on Saturday and Kathleen Kalwa and Katie for their Jackpot run on Sunday – winners of the Veterans Awards.
We truly hope everyone enjoyed themselves and would love to see you again for our next trial in May 2014.
Laurie Kurtzman (Trial Chair)
Congratulations everyone for the many new titles earned:
Jim Brown and Lincoln:  ChST
Sheila Jweid-Webber and Dragon:  CL3-R, CL3-F
Rhonda Hermance and Trill:  ChST
Anne Heupel and Charlie:  CSL4-H
Jean Thorkildsen and Gracie:  CL4-R
Sue Golden and Loki:  CL4-H
Gary Guyon and Quincy:  CL3-S
Sharon Bishop and Race: CT-ATCH
Laurie Kurtzman and Logan:  ChSN
Bob Mason and Coriander:  CL4-F
Elaine Bloom and Gabe:  C-ATCH3, ChJP
Wendy Cerilli and Burdock:  C-ATCH
Amy Koebler and Truffles:  ExCL
JoLee Yeddo and Ziva:  CL3-S
Linda McConnell and Morgan:
Mari Becker and AJ:  ChJu
Donna Tessitore and Kyla:  C-ATCH
And to those who achieved a Perfect Weekend:
Joan Healey and Ginger
Julie Mihalcik and Bandit
Sally Rojek and Willis
Tom Meyer and Misty
Sharon Bishop and Race
Wendy Cerilli and Badger
Wendy Cerilli and Burdock

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