Takes 2 to Q Demonstration at Wilton Park Fest 2015

The Takes 2 to Q Demonstration at Wilton’s Park Fest at Gavin Park was an amazing success July 11, 2015. We were able to promote Agility to a very large audience and have fun while doing it. All the Agility Teams put on a great show for everybody. I would like to thank the dogs that so willingly enjoy agility with us of course, without them we would just look like crazy people doing walk throughs. Now I must thank all the members and non-members (for now) that contributed to the demonstration:

Julie Mihalcik – Course Design and Builder, setup of fencing and other requirements of the site, ring crew and break down.

Mary Grace Von Calio – Setup of fencing, course building, Mistress of Ceremonies, ring crew and break down.

Laurie Kurtzman – ring crew, breakdown and lending her services to ensure we had clear release for non-members to sign.

Anne Hartranft – for working with me, Town of Wilton and our insurance company to satisfy the Town’s requirement for an insurance rider. Even though she was not able to attend with Judy, it would not have happened without her.

Gaye Mastrianni – Our club Chairperson, a great leader that made sure we had everything we needed to have this demonstration go of successfully. We do not always see what she does, but she does it. At the demonstration she interfaced with people with our handouts about where they can get training, how to join the club or engage us for future demonstrations, while jumping in and setting bars for the next heights.

Nancy Oliver – ring crew, Mistress of Ceremonies and break down.

Joan Healey – ring crew and break down

Maria Barnum – ring crew, standby Mistress of Ceremonies and ambassador with her dogs (Sage/Ivy) interfacing with the audience to promote agility.

Urszula Janicki – Thanks much for moving the agility trailer to the site and returning it back to where you store it for the club. This was a huge contribution to make this go off so well. We all know that if you could you would have been there to show the speed of the “Red Rocket” Mya.

Diane and Chet Palmer – Thank you for lending our club your white board, PA and misting tent. Also your example and expertise in running a large agility demonstration was greatly appreciated. Helping our club break down the site was really appreciated.

Linda McConnel – ring crew and break down.

Marcia Barass – ring crew, break down and lending her spring clips to hang the whiteboard and shading.

Janine Bailey – spearheaded hanging the shading, ring crew, ambassador of agility and break down.

Abby Robichaud – ring crew and break down.

I am sure I missed somebody to thank, but I hope you know how much I appreciated your help.

Photos by Julie Mihalcik

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