Takes 2 to Q Agility Club is located in Saratoga County in Northeastern NY

The objectives of the Club shall be to:

  • Promote and publicize the sport of dog agility,
  • Develop members’ skills and abilities in handling,
  • Provide training opportunities for members,
  • Provide opportunities for competition,
  • Share knowledge regarding training and handling methods,
  • Promote and maintain a philosophy of positive attitudes, and
  • Promote the humane treatment of dogs.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice job, Tom! I just got my new computer up and running and this is my first email. A nice up-to-date website will be great for keeping up with club goings-on. By the way, I think Australian Shepard is spelled Australian Shepherd.


    1. Jean, Thank you for the comment. Just like agility when you worry about the weaves and you miss contacts instead. I was worried about spelling Australian wrong and misspelled Shepherd instead.

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