Mock Trial – April 13th

High Goal Farm is offering a one day “mock trial” on Sunday, April 13th, at which WASCUNY members will be the “workers” so they can learn to perform new worker positions.  Standard/ Regular in the morning and Gamblers in the afternoon.  It will follow ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) trial practices, but anyone running in any of the venue(s) can benefit as all venues run these types of courses.  It is open to the public and would benefit anyone who wants to practice in a trial-like atmosphere.  Good for young dogs and teams that have limited trial experience or anyone who wants to do some run thrus.  If there is a problem downloading the attached documents, they are also available on the WASCUNY website (   

 Updated1_HGF Mock Agility Trial 4_13_14 PDF

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