Mary VanDeCarr Award for 2016

Dottie Piroha receives the 2016 Mary VanDeCarr Award from Jean Guyan

This Award was created in 2013 by the members of Takes 2 to Q Agility Club to honor Mary VanDeCarr and is bestowed on a club member who has served as a role model for others by exemplifying the ideals of our club.

In the letter of nomination we received for this year’s winner, those ideals were very clearly apparent:

  • When it comes to building and maintaining positive and supportive interpersonal relationships with other club members, this year’s recipient

Is well known for celebrating Qs and NQs alike – always finding something good in her dogs runs, as well as those of other exhibitors.

She maintains and equally positive attitude not only for herself, but also for everyone else’s runs, helping us celebrate our victories and reminding us of all the things that went right after a less than stellar run.

  • She further demonstrates the principles of good sportsmanship, valuing the welfare of her dogs above personal achievement and sincerely celebrating the accomplishments of others by

Always remaining positive while working her own dogs, whose needs and welfare are paramount to her.

  • She consistently practices positive training techniques as well as encouraging others to do likewise through personal example and advice

She’s been known to run courses by herself with her dog just standing there;  yet still finishing (to the applause of all of us in the peanut gallery) with a big smile and a positive word for her dog.

  •  She has demonstrated her support for the club in a broad range of activities

As a club member, she is always willing to help out in any way she can, from the most major tasks to the most menial. 

She’s offered her services to the club regularly, above and beyond assisting during club events. 

This year, she has served in multiple capacities for our club, currently acting as the club representative for CDAFG and is the person responsible for ordering our pins and handing out our awards during the annual brunch

  • In conclusion, her letter of recommendation (and the selection committee wholeheartedly agrees) that we

Don’t know a club member who more personifies each of the attributes identified for this award than DOTTIE PIROHA


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