Mary VanDeCarr Award for 2015

Jean Guyon Mary VanDeCarr 2015
Jean Guyon was presented with the Mary VanDeCarr Award for 2015 at our annual Brunch on January 24, 2016.

This award was created in 2013 by the members of the Takes 2 to Q Agility Club to honor Mary VanDeCarr.

VanDeCarr Award is bestowed on a club member who has served as a role model for others by:

  1. Supporting the Club in a broad range of activities
  2. Building and maintaining positive and supportive interpersonal relationships with other club members
  3. Practicing positive training techniques as well as encouraging others to do likewise through personal example and advice
  4. Demonstrating the principles of good sportsmanship by valuing the welfare of the dog above personal achievement and sincerely celebrating the accomplishments of other club members.

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