Mary VanDeCarr Award 2018

This award was created in 2013 by the members of the Takes 2 to Q Agility Club to honor Mary VanDeCarr.
The VanDeCarr Award is bestowed on a club member who has served as a role model for others by:

* Supporting the Club in a broad range of activities
* Building and maintaining positive and supportive interpersonal relationships with other club members
* Practicing positive training techniques as well as encouraging others to do likewise through personal example and advice
* Demonstrating the principles of good sportsmanship by valuing the welfare of the dog above personal achievement and sincerely celebrating the accomplishments of  other club members.

Joan Pirvrun 2017 Recipient presenting to Mary Grace VonCalio the 2018 Mary VanDeCarr Award


Mary Grace VonCalio – Mary VanDeCarr 2018 Award Recipient
She is always so positive and has something complimentary to say to everyone, about the person and their dog(s).
She goes out of her way to approach someone to tell them how impressed she was with something they and/or their dog did.
She shows she is genuinely concerned about others by asking how they are doing and catching up on what the other person is doing and feeling.
She is always positive with her own dogs, never getting upset if they can’t complete a course, finding the personal Q in every run, and showing them how much she loves them afterward.
Mary Grace is a great supporter of the club and volunteers for the hard to fill jobs at every trial.
Mary Grace sets a wonderful example of good sportsmanship, compassion for humans and animals, a positive outlook, and enthusiasm.

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