Agility Trials are fun! Especially when we all work together.

Takes 2 to Q Agility Club would like to thank all involved for making our Trial FUN!  We thank you for your participation in our CPE Trial.

Judge’s Award Winner  – Riot and Craig Chittenden
The In Memory of Piggy – Terrier Award for Jumpers Winner – Vinny and Joann Verderosa.

We would like to thank Dianne Swanker for completing the beautiful Quilt that was given to Mary VanDeCarr. 

Please see this wonderful list of Titles earned during the trial. Congratulations to all and see you in the Fall!

Loki Sue Golden CL3-R Standard
Ash Scott Hunter CL3-F Fun
Willie Susan Sedlak CL2-F Fun
Renny Mary Ellen Sheedy CL1-R Standard
Zsa-Zsa Judy Johnson CL4-S Strategy
Zsa-Zsa Judy Johnson CL4-F Fun
Adam Marcia Barss CL1-R Standard
Bandit Julie Mihalcik Extraordinaire Standard
Tory Marcia Barss CL4-H Handler
Jewel Sue Hughson CL3-H Handler
Bella Jen Antal CL4-S Strategy
Max Sue Norton CL3-H Handler
Max Sue Norton CL3-S Strategy
Max Sue Norton CL3 Level Title
Lola Jim Brown CL3-S Strategy
Lola Jim Brown CL3 Level Title
Coriander Bob Mason CL3-S Strategy
Coriander Bob Mason CL3-R Standard
Gimli Marjorie Clagett-Penne CL3-H Handler
Trixie Deb Percenti ChFH Championship FullHouse
Ray Deb Percenti ChJU Championship Jumpers
Ray Deb Percenti ChCL Championship Colors
Ella Deb Percenti ChCL Championship Colors
Ella Deb Percenti ChWC Championship Wildcard

 Takes 2 to Q Agility Club,
Gaye Mastrianni and Rhonda Hermance

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