November 2014 CPE Trial Results

Thanks to Everyone for A Great Trial Weekend
T2tQ CPE Trial – November 8-9, 2014

WOW! It also takes a village to pull off a successful agility trial and T2tQ wants to thank all of the villagers who helped us last weekend, as well as share all the brags for the many accomplishments we celebrated.

Thanks to everyone who comprised the Trial Committee for your hard work and dedication. Similarly, to everyone, members and non-members, who assisted and volunteered to help out, we couldn’t have done it without you. We were full to capacity both days, yet we moved everything along quite well.

A huge thank you to our wonderful Judge, Kim Stumph. Your great attitude was appreciated by all and the courses were both fun and challenging.

Our Pie Social on Saturday was a great success and we wish to thank everyone who brought a pie to share. There were so many delicious options to choose from and enough pies to enjoy that we were able to carry the social over into Sunday. We even had Pupkin Pies for our 4-legged competitors.

We hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and look forward to seeing you again at our May and November 2015 trials.

Laurie Kurtzman – Trial Chair
Julie Mihalcik – Trial Secretary

Special Awards

Mari Becker and Brady Brown – Judge’s Merit Award (Saturday)

Joyce Witting and Ashley – Judge’s Merit Award (Sunday)

Nancy Wetsel and Gianna – Veteran Dog Award
(Standard Run – Saturday)

Cheryl Truskowski and Ziggy – Veteran Dog Award
(Jackpot Run – Sunday)

Lindsay Hermanski and Remmi – Connifer Cheese Award (Saturday)

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New Titles

Julie Mihacik and Bandit – C-ATE
Trisha Stall and Lucy – C-ATE
Anne Benjamin/Jodi Pangman and Raini – Ex-JP
(Jackpot Extraordinaire)
Trisha Stall and Lucy – Ex (Extraordinaire – didn’t list which class)
Cheryl Truskowski and Ziggy – C-ATCH2
Deb Percenti and Trixie – C-ATCH3
Gaye Mastrianni and Alfie – C-ATCH2
Mary Van De Carr and Charlie – C-ATCH3
Judy Johnson and ZsaZsa – C-ATCH2
Karen Phillips and Sierra – C-ATCH2
Laurie Kurtzman and Jordan – CS-ATCH

Gaye Mastrianni and Alfie – CH-ST (Championship – Standard)
Deb Percenti and Trixie – CH-JP (Championship – Jackpot)
Karen Phillips and Sierra – CH-CL (Championship – Colors)
Dottie Piroha and Liesl – CH-CL (Championship – Colors)

Linda McConnell and Pandora – Level 4 Standard
Jen Wiesen and Cajun – Level 4 Standard
Tom Fish and Geoffrey – Level 4 Fun
Linda McConnell and Pandora – Level 4 Fun
Jolee Yeddo and Ziva – Level 4 Strategy
Jen Wiesen and Cajun – Level 4 Handler

Betty Ayres and Dexter – Level 3 Standard
Marcia Barss and Adam – Level 3 Strategy

Robin Cooney and Striker – Level 2 Fun
Linda McConnell and Morgan – Level 2 Strategy
Dottie Piroha and Mayhem – Level 2 Standard
Eileen Keegan and Rosie – Level 2 Standard
Robin Cooney and Striker – Level 2 Standard
Dottie Piroha and Mayhem – Level 2 Handler
Linda McConnell and Morgan – Completed Level 2

Mary Grace Von Calio and Speedy – Level 1 Standard
Mary Grace Von Calio and Dilly – Level 1 Standard

Perfect Weekends

Jen Antal and Lola
Lisa Zassowski and Foomin
Maura McPeak and Misty
Bob Mason and Coriander
Karen Phillips and Sierra
Jennifer Wiesen and Cajun
Joyce Witting and Tobi
Harald Witting and Dolly


Linda Breuning and Cody – First Trial
Kristin Van Derpool and Jinn – Happy Teammate (Sat.) Did A-Frame in Competition (Sun.)
Kristin Van Derpool and Dart – Had power, speed and flew through Standard